Wednesday, December 16, 2015

louder than a bomb review

Lately we have been learning about hip hop and poetry ,how it was made, where city it is from and some people who use it. the documentary we watched was interesting to me because they had some nice poems some emotional and some funny and some just plan cool and because i know this i can make poems in the future if i wanted to make any for fun or for work if i get a job in writing poems if that exist. though i didn't feel inspired to devote my life to poems but i think i could do some little ones but i could do what they did but i have stage fright and get nervous but also while watching i was wondering how they mange to remember all that if you want to watch this documentary/movie then go to youtube and type in louder than a bomb documentary or movie

Friday, November 6, 2015

choice lectures opinions

When i first heard of choice lecture i thought it be the same but it was different we didn't spend much time in class we were mostly in the extra room that is just space or the cafeteria doing  work that they sent us. i don't expect any difficulty in the way i'm doing it now, i was really impressed with myself i am as smart as a dolphin(i think there smart) i finished my work on the day i got or the next day either way it gets finished. i hope my student interest project gets listened to because if it becomes realty this school will become bigger and better then ever before. In my reading choice i hope to see in the future i hope to read more short stories like we do sometimes in are reading choice lecture that are about 1 to 3 paragraphs long.  reading a story i can read in a day usually interest me because if they are like a mystery, comedy, horror, or adventure that isn't just a boring  old story but a interesting story so it is fun to read. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

1st Quarter Over

The grades that i have gotten in this 1st quarter are what i deserve because it is all a's and b's and to me that is good. In the last quarter i learned some stuff that already knew and some stuff that i forgot and i relearned . I don't have any request or anything or do i want any teachers to do any thing differently they should just keep doing what there doing and keep it that way. I am hoping that next quarter that i don't change what i'm doing because it is going good for me so far. My future depends on the present and what i do know and i hope that i pass each quarter with a's and b's or just a's.

Monday, September 28, 2015


My experience with robotics was okay, to me i feel like it could do better with the booklet with the directions. It is hard to figure out what to use because it is not specific so i might use all the wrong screws and have to do it all over again. It is really fun to do but it is really complicated  but i understand that is high school so i will have to just figure it out so it will be easier. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

ingenuity fest project

Ingenuity fest i don't know what ingenuity fest is but i guess it is about construction and all kinds of things that people built. They help people by showing things they built to help people's lives. I need to know how it works what do they do stuff like that. I am worried that the stage and seats will not be good compared to everyone else's creation.I'm worried that we will be made a fool of because we couldn't finish it in time. I feel like the class will be arguing and will mess some seats up and they will have to get chairs from the store to replace any that were built wrong.I think we could do it but won't have all the supplies to make look really good but you have to use what you got. We will try our best and hope that it turns out just the way we thought it look like.

Friday, September 4, 2015

devin's makerspace experince

I really enjoy the maker space. So far there is nothing i could change to make it better. The only thing in this class experience that is different from the others is that i actually get up and work instead of sitting down and writing. I don't think I've done anything like this before, I'm learning how to be a construction worker because sometimes they do what we do. So far the only surprising thing I've seen is how easy it was to make a stepping stool, but it sucks that we didn't figure it out until the end of class. It was weird because my classmates surprised me because they had a lot of ideas. Even the students who usually talk all class had ideas but I think it was because it was something different then the usual projects. The only person that didn't surprise me was myself. I didn't seem to think of it as a different kind of project. I just thought that it was a regular project for grades. I think the reason you teach us this is to show us how to do this stuff if we were in the real world so we would be ready.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

dipper's introduction

My name is Devin Parish i am 14 years old in design lab early college and this is a introduction. i have 1 brother who is grown,a sister who a teen and 4 pets a dog,a cat, two turtles one grown one not favorite kind of movies are comedy and action, my favorite movie is grown ups 2. i love video games, mostly shooting,fighting or card games are my favorite, call of duty is my favorite shooting games,my favorite card game is YuGiOh my favorite fighting game is dragon ball z. I've always like water rides over roller coasters, my favorite water park is Kalahari, my favorite amusement park is six flags. i have two YouTube channels called unkutice and white-fang though i haven't started in white-fang yet but i will get videos so watch the videos and like and subscribe to them thanks.