Friday, September 4, 2015

devin's makerspace experince

I really enjoy the maker space. So far there is nothing i could change to make it better. The only thing in this class experience that is different from the others is that i actually get up and work instead of sitting down and writing. I don't think I've done anything like this before, I'm learning how to be a construction worker because sometimes they do what we do. So far the only surprising thing I've seen is how easy it was to make a stepping stool, but it sucks that we didn't figure it out until the end of class. It was weird because my classmates surprised me because they had a lot of ideas. Even the students who usually talk all class had ideas but I think it was because it was something different then the usual projects. The only person that didn't surprise me was myself. I didn't seem to think of it as a different kind of project. I just thought that it was a regular project for grades. I think the reason you teach us this is to show us how to do this stuff if we were in the real world so we would be ready.

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