Wednesday, August 26, 2015

dipper's introduction

My name is Devin Parish i am 14 years old in design lab early college and this is a introduction. i have 1 brother who is grown,a sister who a teen and 4 pets a dog,a cat, two turtles one grown one not favorite kind of movies are comedy and action, my favorite movie is grown ups 2. i love video games, mostly shooting,fighting or card games are my favorite, call of duty is my favorite shooting games,my favorite card game is YuGiOh my favorite fighting game is dragon ball z. I've always like water rides over roller coasters, my favorite water park is Kalahari, my favorite amusement park is six flags. i have two YouTube channels called unkutice and white-fang though i haven't started in white-fang yet but i will get videos so watch the videos and like and subscribe to them thanks.


  1. this is my blog about me and is also my first

  2. Which Six Flags parks have you been to?

  3. Awesome! I love amusement parks. I really want for us to go to Cedar Point at some point towards the end of the school year.

    - Gill